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    2018 Results & the Race to the Retreat
  • The Race to the Retreat

    Each season of MACSA Bible Quizzing may draw to a close at the Quiz Retreat, but there are multiple events leading into the annual finale and each contributes to a team's positioning at the retreat. As the season progresses, a team's performance in the preliminary round (room round) at quiz-a-thons not only serve to qualify and position them for the playoffs at that event but also double as one of three opportunities to acrue points toward the "Race to the Retreat".

    During the preliminary rounds at these events a team will typically quiz between four and five times as they attempt to qualify for that event's playoff field. If a team collects 10 game points at the first event then that point total will determine their playoff fate at that event and be applied to their "Race to the Retreat" total. At the next event, if the same team amasses 9 game points then their playoff positioning at that event is based soley on those 9 points (with no regard to the previous event); the Race to the Retreat standings are cumulative however, and after the second event the team in question would now have 19 total points credited to them in the standings that determine the divisions at the Quiz Retreat.

  • What's Actually Included

    The "Race to the Retreat" standings function similarly to the standings at a quiz-a-thon; teams are ranked first based on their accumulated game points, with total score, errors, and fouls following in succession as tie-breaking criteria. Once all teams have completed the preliminary round at the final quiz-a-thon, teams are ranked together within the two levels of quizzing (both Junior High divisions combined and Senior High). With this season ranking compiled, teams are then split into equally sized division for the Quiz Retreat where they will compete against other teams with similar season results.

    As at the individual quiz-a-thons, the results from quizzes where a team is acting as a challenger do not count towards that team's "Race to the Retreat" standings. Additionally, no results from playoff matches are included in the season standings as not all teams qualify. Finally, if a team is unable to attend an event during the season, the results of their two other events are averaged to create the third results that is used. Teams must, except in extreme circumstances, participate in a minimum of two (2) events to be eligible for the season-ending Quiz Retreat.

  • Jr High 1's Experience Bonus

    When compiling the final "Race to the Retreat" standings, the two Junior High divisions are combined while the Senior High Division remains separate. Once the two Junior High divisions are combined, the results for teams in Junior High 1 (grades 7-9) are weighted with a 15% increase for the two non-regional events. This "Experience Bonus" is applied each season and recognizes that the majority of quizzers in Junior High 1 are more experienced than the vast majority of their Junior High 2 counterparts, resulting in a division that is often more competitive top-to-bottom.

    The 15% bonus is applied at the end of the season and has no bearing on room seedings at the regionals and the second quiz-a-thon. It is applied only to the two non-regional events as these are the events where the two Junior High levels compete independently of each other. At regional events the two Junior Highs merge and compete together, thus providing head-to-head competition between teams of the two divisions. The bonus is applied to the total game points and total score of the two events, but is not applied to either the total errors or fouls when calculating the season standings.

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